New Books that Help Explain Cancer and Sadness to Young Children

The past several years, more and more books that cover coping with cancer and facing difficult challenges have become available for young children. Following are three new titles, along with details on my book -- all highlight the bond between mother and son/s and how they face sensitive subjects together. I recommend these books as a valuable addition to any school library collection.

Providing a Foundation of Togetherness with Books

Shared reading experiences create community and stories can provide a foundation of togetherness for students during this unique time. There are some excellent read-aloud books that can help kick-off the new school year with a positive start. Following are three new titles and the publishers’ summaries of stories with themes of kindness, courage, and honor.

Game-Changer: Social and Emotional Learning can be done in the School Library Makerspace

School libraries are for everyone; they need to be a place that is ever changing in response to their students’ and teachers’ needs. Each school community is unique, however, a makerspace in a school library has the power to become a game-changing tool and resource, especially when it taps into district initiatives. One of the most enduring district initiatives that seems to be important across the country is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and when you take those skills and put them in a Makerspace you not only have a great reason to advocate for the significance of libraries but more importantly you provide students with skills to become empathetic and good people prepared for an ever-changing world.

Books to create a Safe Space to Talk about Emotions (brought on by the CoVID-19 global pandemic)

When faced with challenging situations, I always turn to books. And we are all facing uncertainty. Schools and organizations are taking safety precautions within their buildings and exploring different ways to teach and learn. Students, educators, and parents are all feeling the effects of the ever changing situation and how it may impact the school experience. Secondary students benefit just as much as elementary students when a picture book is read aloud. It strengthens your classroom community, creates a safe space to talk about emotions, and provides a nice enjoyable experience for all. Listed are some titles that are available in print and digital e-book. These books may be helpful when addressing the emotions that come with this global pandemic.