New Books that Help Explain Cancer and Sadness to Young Children

The past several years, more and more books that cover coping with cancer and facing difficult challenges have become available for young children. Following are three new titles, along with details on my book -- all highlight the bond between mother and son/s and how they face sensitive subjects together. I recommend these books as a valuable addition to any school library collection.

My 50th Birthday: Not just another milestone, I’ve summited a mountain

Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a meme of a paraphrased Vincent Lombardi quote. And it hit me -- these past 10 years, these milestones I’ve reached, have been a mountain I’ve been climbing. And I have reached the summit! The past decade of my life has been a bittersweet journey of climbing out of that crevasse of a cancer diagnosis and rising to the biggest accomplishment of my life - 10 years cancer free.