Celebrate Black History by Honoring Today’s Diversity

2020 was a year of challenges and change. The events that our country endured have created a new generation of activists, and they are demanding an end to racism. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month are meaningful holidays for educators to take time to celebrate Black history and honor today’s diversity.

Providing a Foundation of Togetherness with Books

Shared reading experiences create community and stories can provide a foundation of togetherness for students during this unique time. There are some excellent read-aloud books that can help kick-off the new school year with a positive start. Following are three new titles and the publishers’ summaries of stories with themes of kindness, courage, and honor.

Relationships with Elders – new books that promote positive bonds between youth and seniors

There are many benefits of intergenerational relationships. When older and younger people connect it improves both groups’ well-being. The most common activity these generations can do together is share stories. Books showing meaningful relationships between children and their elders are a valuable addition to any library. Following are some new books that promote positive bonds between youth and seniors.

5 Benefits of Reading Picture Books Aloud to Secondary Students

Words are powerful, especially when words are shared from one person to another. Reading aloud to students is a unique opportunity to share words. Reading picture books out loud to secondary students is just as valuable as when they were read to in grade school. In addition to the illustrations adding to the magic of the spoken word, vocabulary skills and comprehension is strengthened. Here are five additional benefits of reading aloud with your secondary students.