Glimpses into a Better Understanding of the Human Experience with New Poetry Books

April is national poetry month, a celebration of how this literary art reveals the precious truth with words. All of us have experienced hardships, joy, and challenges these past two years. We have seen glimpses into a kinder society that shows our desire to gain a better understanding of each other. I believe we are lucky to be educators during a time of turmoil in our government and communities. Books that provide windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors have helped us understand what others’ hopes and fears entail. And no other form of writing expresses emotions and creates imagery like poetry. Following are details about four of my favorite new poetry titles...

New Books to Encourage a Greater Appreciation of Writing and Reading Poetry

No other forms of writing express emotions and create imagery like poetry. The words selected by poets are based on their meaning and arranged on the page to create a rhythm and tempo for readers. Following are my favorite new poetry books. I hope these titles will help encourage students to gain a greater appreciation of writing and reading poetry.