New Biographies about American Women who have Made History

Whether it be the arts, activism, politics, or the food industry, women have been making American history long before March was named Women’s History Month. Women have set records and won awards in nearly every industry. Therefore, March is the perfect time to look back and recognize the individual contributions women have made to our country’s historical accomplishments.

Father-Daughter Bonds Demonstrated in New Books

Fathers teach their daughters about love, trust, and security. My dad taught me I can always depend on him. I am fortunate that my dad is a grandfather my sons can look to as an example to follow: a feminist man who loves his daughters, son, and grandchildren to the moon and back. I don’t need my dad to hold my hand anymore, because I know he will always have my back. In this #blogarticle I highlight five #newbooks that celebrate the unique bond between fathers and daughters.

New Books that Honor Mothers’ Love, Creativity, and Hard Work

Being a mother is hard work! Yet, it is the most rewarding role I’ll ever have. As I am helping librarians and principals build new school libraries, I have found many new beautiful books that celebrate all kinds of mothers. Following are three new titles that I think are especially important to have in school libraries.

Debuts that Celebrate Diverse Friendships

February is a great time to celebrate friendships because friends are important people in our lives. As educators build their library collections, it’s always important to provide titles that reflect the readers. Classrooms are becoming more and more diverse and it is very likely that youth have friends in different racial and ethnic groups. In this blog article, I highlight new #OwnVoices #ChildrensBooks & #YAlit that celebrate diverse friendships by #DebutAuthors.